Summery Spanish sung single spins Kristian Fabrizio our way / Silencio (Scandinavian Soul)

A warming Latin enriched single.

Despite the popular single Despacito taking over the pop charts (and remains one of the most viewed youtube videos ever!), we didn’t expect the infectious Spanish vibes to infiltrate our Scandinavian soul waters, yet it has with Silencio by Norwegian artist Kristian Fabrizio.

Undoubtedly still pop in essence, the smooth, soulful vocal and sublime production contribute to this singles far softer embrace.

An expensive studio is no longer the essential element to produce a sound of this calibre as Kristian explained;

“Every aspect of the song has been recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered at home. I really wanted it to be a high-quality song, without needing to spend a lot of money on the production”.

The Latin rhythm delivers a summery sea-breeze and brakes through language barriers with attractive, hip-swaying melodies. While it could have been longer, it encourages repeat listening instead. Bonito!

Olso based, Kristian Fabrizio who has Honduran parents, spent his childhood and youth in Norway, Honduras and Miami. Absorbing the global musical influences his music fuses Latin, pop, Norwegian folk, Motown and soul and is currently working on his new EP.