Valerio Bottari (born 1979) is a guitarist, bassist, music producer and composer with 20+ years of experience, having played in Italy, New Zealand, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt.

Born in Italy from south-american parents he began studying guitar, bass and musical theory at age of 13. At 17 he played professionally in Italian dance orchestras. He started playing latin music in 2002 as resident musician at the Mexican Cafe (Auckland, New Zealand), then back to Italy playing the following genres: salsa, bachata, tango, bossanova, latin-rock, andean music, mariachi.

Since 2011 he studies flamenco guitar with many andalusian maestros including Josemi Carmona (Ketama). In 2009 he studied Cuban Tres with the great cuban master Coto.

In latin american music he played actively with Carlos Ugueto (Venezuela), Salvador Puerto (Cuba), Mariachi La Plaza (México, many appearances on italian national TV RAI), Kit Ramos (Perú), Sol Del Caribe (Venezuela), Victoria Di Pace (Argentina).

In soul music he played with Rob Lopez & South Soul Bronx Funk (New York), Maqs Rossi (Switzerland), Carlton J Smith (New York).

In italian folk music he played with Wilma Goich, Gianni Caffarena (italian national TV), Francesco Bencini, Roberto Frugone.

Since 2016 is based in Oslo, leading the following projects:
– Salsa Groove Familia/Banakao, salsa band
– Latin Funk Capos, soul/funk band of the New York soul singer Carlton J Smith
– Mariachi Sol de Oslo, traditional mexican
– Valerio Latin Jazz, latin jazz
– Oslo Italian Night, italian traditional and pop music

Languages: English, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian.

Mariachi Sol de Oslo

Valerio er musikk direktør og guitarron-spiller i Mariachi Sol de Oslo, en 8 musiker band som spiller meksikansk tradisjonelt musikk

Salsa Groove Familia

Salsa Groove Familia er et band med unik og spesielt stemning. Sammen med arrangementer av engelske og spanske låter, spiller SGF originale låter.

Oslo Italian Night

Oslo Italian Night er en duo som spiller både jazz, pop og tradisjonelt italiensk musikk. Opprettet i september 2017, fikk duoen rask popularitet og spiller nå i flere steder i Oslo området.

Valerio Bottari


Electric guitar, bass guitar, baby bass, acoustic guitar, flamenco guitar, cuban tres, venezuelan cuatro, mexican vihuela, guitarrón.


Latin, Jazz, Funk, Mariachi, Salsa, Italian.