Aladin Abbas is one of Egypt’s finest oud players. He is also a singer, guitar and tabla player. He

started his musical career at the age of four by studying Arabic and Egyptian songs and interpretations of different singers such as Om Kalthom , Abd El Halim Hafiz and Sufi singers.

Aladin graduated from Arabic Music Institute of Cairo in 1994, and in 2008 he finished his master’s degree in musicology at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland).

Aladin has been performing folk, classical Egyptian / Arabic, pop, rock and jazz music. He has been performing as a solo player, and with many famous bands and musicians in Egypt and Europe such as Trygve Seim in Norway. Aladin has been a member of the famous Egyptian band Sharkiat since 1990, which is conducted by Fathy Salama (Grammy Award for Best Contemporary World Music Album and BBC Award).

Aladin’s compositions have been one of the most successful approaches in the Middle East and Europe to introduce world music / jazz in new and interesting way through the roots of Arabic music. The Egyptian / Arabic Folk, classical western, jazz, flamenco music and variety of rhythms have been giving the most important influences in Aladin´s music career.

Aladin Dreams is a new and exciting band which combines Egyptian and Arabic music with western elements to create a unique and fascinating style. Aladin Abbas is one of Egypt’s’ finest and most creative oud players and together with seasoned Norwegian musicians has created a bridge between east and west – using the roots of oriental and Egyptian music and coloring it with modern western elements to build a new way of playing oriental music. Aladin´s compositions and Aladin Dreams band have been a successful way to fit the taste of Arabic and Western audience, and its musical approach is almost magical…

Aladin Abbas


Voal, perkusjon, oud


Arabisk musikk